Digital Marketing Agency in Bournemouth, Dorset


APS Smart Solutions is a digital marketing agency in Bournemouth offer custom Web Designs, Mobile Solutions and Digital Marketing Services we are here, not only to build your online digital presence but also to establish your business. Therefore, we understand the intent, the emotion or strategic science you want to represent in your digital project while reducing costs at industry leading rates.

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digital marketing company Bournemouth, Dorset


IT Solutions

We know how technology can improves customer loyalty, brand reputation, and company value. By investing in IT, businesses can improve resource utilization in innovative ways, reduce menial labor, lower business costs, and enhance data quality with real-time customer feedback and reporting. We develop!

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We know how IT makes a great deal of growth to any industry. There are many things in the industry where it is very important to have IT for a smoothen process, IT not only gives good process but also saves money. A smoothen process is the backbone of any industry. We understand the needs of the industry, so we make solutions for them.

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We know technology is always evolving with human need, new software constantly emerging to solve problems and inefficiencies, new era is filled with competition which require Speed, Efficiency, Agility, Storage and Sharing that's why we always adopt latest technology. Out technology stacks.

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Latest technology

We use the latest international technology, that’s required to lead the UK market, we always prioritise company confidentiality and data protection.

Competitive Costs

All our project pricing is highly competitive, allowing our customers full flexibility with payment plans options.

Project Testing

Your project will be tested, managed and controlled by a team of skilled IT professionals that have over 10 years of industry experience.


Our priority is managing your flexibility, we pride ourselves to adapt according to the project requirements and give our customers the right support for their project.

Successful Story

Originated from a small team of IT professionals based in Mumbai, has evolved into an international business. The business has now involved into two large companies, employing local IT professionals and successful software and AI graduates.


Transparency is very important for any project; all our work is detailed into contractual obligations given your company peace of mind that you are fully informed.

Project Commitment

The client will pay 10% deposit of the project cost within 24 hours of the signed contract being returned to APS Smart Solutions. The instalments will be a % of the work that has been completed at 25%, and 50% respectively with the final 15% paid on the project handover.

Satisfaction Guarantee

APS Smart Solutions will not be entitled to the final 15% of payment if the projects are not completed as per the agreed timeline schedule. We guarantee your satisfaction, as it is our responsibility to retain your future business.

Aftercare Support

APS Smart Solutions will continue annually to inspect every aspect of your website; mobile or digital marketing project to recommend improvements that will make it more successful YOY. The aftercare support packages; range from online technical support Monday to Friday from 07.00am to 19.00hrs or enquire about our exclusive Platinum Client Package that give you 24 hours support, 7 days a week.

Experts Support

APS Smart Solutions will help you to reach your business’s goals, walk you through each step of the process, with dedicated online support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our phone lines are open during business hours, Monday to Friday 09.00AM to 05.30PM


Digital Marketing Company Bournemouth, Dorset

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