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A physical business has many fixed costs such as rent, rates, insurance and limited customer access or even parking challenges. At APS Smart Solutions we provide an E-commerce platform on MEAN-Stack technology which is of a similar or advance platform to other software providers at a reduction of the charges made by other IT companies, allowing you to have an online business whilst reducing many of your associated costs.

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Human Resource Solutions

Whether you are a start-up or a large company, at APS Smart Solutions we consider the HR requirements of your business with various software solutions. We can offer a full arrangement of payroll management, scheduling or dedicated training courses through our associated partner Vision Factor Associates that are accredited through IQ Qualifications and CPD.

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Sales Executive Tracking Tool

In business, sales tracking measures salesperson and his performance, it also helps to track the sales and revenue but a sales executive with tracking device make more growth, tracking tool not only tracks executive performance but also helps business in real-time analysis.

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Customer Relationship Management(CRM)

APS Smart Solutions care how CRM works to increase profitability and efficiency for business, it helps and monitor each activity to enhance sales, it helps in keep tracking and recording many processes and data to explore business possibilities. Through CRM employees can access right data at right time in friction of second to serve the customer to provide a faster solution.

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